About Us

At Home Access, we exist to inform consumers about their health through easy-to-use, self-collected lab tests.

It starts with an individual. One person, making choices about their health and about the way they want to experience healthcare. Our self-collected lab tests provide healthcare choice, convenience and control. Simply put, we make the choice simple.

For payers, providers, and employers Home Access offers a convenient way for those in your charge to engage in their health, which leads to improved health outcomes, enhances quality and close critical gaps in care. We believe if all of us work together, we can facilitate the prevention, early detection and management of diseases in more people, especially in under-served or at-risk populations.

For consumers, our self-collected lab tests empower them to learn more about their health in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. All that’s required is 15 minutes and a walk to the mailbox. It’s simple.

Just as important, we never lose sight of the individual completing the testing. Our customer support team provides education and support to help consumers complete their lab tests, learn about results and encourage them to contact their physician for follow‐up care if necessary.

Because at Home Access Health, we’re passionate about helping empower and engage consumers so they can take an important step toward living healthier lives.