“We spent more on the company picnic than our wellness program. While they both show we care about employees, there’s no comparison when it comes down to actual value or the potential return on investment (ROI).” – Employer client CEO

Your employees are your greatest assets. While they all love a good picnic, investing in their health and wellbeing maximizes productivity, engagement, and retention. In turn, your organization gains a competitive performance advantage and attracts top new talent – all while reducing healthcare costs.

Your busy employees have to make hard choices about how, when and where they engage in their health. Often times the demands of daily life limit their options to use traditional wellness delivery methods. Our tests make it simple.

Our lab tests are perfectly suited for use during on-site wellness events, but the opportunity to engage your employees doesn’t end there. Designed for self-collection, our test kits can be mailed directly to your employees where they and covered family members can collect samples, in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

No matter how or where your employees receive our test, our customer care team is here to answer any questions they may have. Once results are processed and reported, our team is here to help your employees understand their results and to encourage follow-up care when necessary. We’ll also provide you detailed reporting and analytics so you can measure the success of your program.

By working together, we can improve the health and quality of life for employees and their families. Through convenient and easy-to-use screening tests, we can facilitate the prevention, early detection and management of diseases. As a result, employee productivity rises, costs go down, and everyone wins.

We’re Home Access.  We’re dedicated to helping you empower and engage employees so they can live healthier, more productive lives.  Let’s test differently.