Health Plans

Member experience and quality of care drive your strategic decisions. Finding new and creative ways to activate and engage your members, on their terms, is critical to achieving your goals. While traditional care delivery channels work for some, others require a different approach.

We can help. Hundreds of thousands of health plan members in all 50 states choose to engage in their health by completing our self-collected, easy-to-use lab tests. For some it’s the first step towards a healthier tomorrow. For others, it’s simply an easier way to provide the critical lab values needed to better manage their health.

By empowering your members to complete testing and screening on their own, at home, we’re helping facilitate the prevention, early detection, and management of chronic diseases. Just as important, laboratory results delivery becomes a catalyst to establishing and deepening the relationship between the member, their clinical team, and your plan.

Engaging your members where, when, and how they prefer may also mean leveraging our solutions during in-home visits, at health fairs, and in clinical settings. The setting may be different, but the outcome is the same – health information in the hands of those that need it.

No matter how your members receive our test, our customer care team is just a phone call away to answer any questions they may have. When results are processed, our team is here to help your members understand their results and to encourage follow-up care when necessary.

Activating your members on their terms closes gaps, improves quality, elevates your risk adjustment accuracy, and deepens relationships. We’re Home Access. We’re dedicated to helping you empower and engage your members, so they can live healthier, more productive lives. Let’s test differently.

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