The CheckUp America Cholesterol Panel


Contains one single-use sample collection kit for the evaluation of Total Cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, Triglycerides, calculated LDL-cholesterol.

  • Mailing and Lab Services Included
  • Results available within 5 business days of sample receipt in our laboratory
  • Results available either by U.S. Mail or through our Secure Website
  • Policies and Procedures of Home Access conform to HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality
  • Counseling and Assistance Available by Phone
  • For in-vitro diagnostic use

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Advantages of Home Access Health System:

  • The CheckUp America SM  Cholesterol Panel is an FDA cleared, mail-in fingerstick test that screens for cholesterol levels, brought to you by the American Diabetes Association in cooperation with Home Access Health Corporation
  • No Physician oversight required
  • Just one fingerstick blood sample for all four tests
  • Convenient – use this kit in the privacy of your own home
  • All in four easy steps (collect your sample, mail your sample, have your sample tested, obtain your results)


Why should You test for Cholesterol?

Over 100 million Americans have elevated cholesterol levels; many of these are unaware of their diagnostic levels and that they are at risk for heart disease. By using the CheckUp America SM Cholesterol Panel, you can now conveniently understand your diagnostic levels and risk for cholesterol related heart disease


The CheckUp America SM Cholesterol Panel includes:

Total Cholesterol – Provides a general indication of your risk for Heart Disease. When Total Cholesterol is    too high, you are at a greater risk for Heart Disease which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

HDL-cholesterol – Often referred to as “good cholesterol”, the higher your HDL level, the lower your risk for Heart Disease.

Triglycerides – As a form of fat found in the bloodstream, elevated triglycerides are often accompanied by other factors (such as low HDL or a tendency toward diabetes) that raise the risk of Heart Disease.

LDL-cholesterol –   Often referred to as “bad cholesterol”, excessive LDL may lead to a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries.  The higher your LDL level, the greater your risk for Heart Disease.  Reducing your LDL is the main goal of cholesterol-lowering treatment.



  • Instructions (English)
  • Sample Collection Cassette
  • Gauze Pad
  • 2 Safety Lancets
  • Bandage
  • Patient Information Card
  • Sample Pouch
  • Return Mailer (prepaid)


The Home Access® Guarantee:
Home Access Health Corporation guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase or we will replace your kit or refund your money.  We guarantee that all Home Access test results are completely confidential.  A valid Code Number is required for any refund or replacement.

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