What would it mean to you and your patients to have critical laboratory data in-hand before their next appointment?

Home Access can make this happen.

Patients who don’t schedule regular visits, or aren’t able to follow through on lab orders, now have a choice in how they participate in their care. Our easy-to-use lab tests can be mailed directly to patients before their annual physical or next appointment; and in the privacy and convenience of their own home, they can self-collect their lab specimens.

Once the sample has been returned and processed, results are shared with you and your patient. At their next appointment, you can review the lab results with them and set a course for improved health.

The solution is scalable to accommodate entire health systems for broad-based population health initiatives and the benefits are significant. Physicians are able to focus on patient care and the practice of medicine. Health outcomes improve. Patient and physician relationships are established and deepened, resulting in increased patient compliance, enhanced quality measures, and increased value-based revenue streams.

At Home Access, we’re passionate about helping providers actively engage non-compliant or at risk patients with their health through high-quality, self-collected lab tests that improve quality of care and help providers transition from fee-for-service to the new world of value and performance-based healthcare.